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SEACON In The 2005 Homeland Security Ocean and Maritime Technology Workshop


SEACON will be exhibiting in the 2005 IEEE/OES Homeland Security Ocean and Maritime Technology Workshop on the 6, 7 and of 8th December . The Workshop will provide an unprecedented opportunity to network with engineers, scientist, legal experts, and local, state and federal government personnel who all share Homeland Security challenges. The focus will be on ocean and maritime technologies for infrastructure protection.
SEACON’s own Gary Brown will be presenting a paper at the conference titled: Low-Cost, Miniature Connectors for Underwater Use on Homeland Security Applications.

NEW SEA-MATE Underwater Mateable Connector Range


SEACON is pleased to announce the re-development of it’s well known U-Mate range of underwater mateable connectors. This new range named SEA-MATE has many new features including interchangeable inserts which offers greater flexibility to the customer and end user with quick turn around times. In addition, this robust connector range has many of the original features as those of the U-Mate series including, positive keying and proven underwater mating technology.

The manufacture and assembly of all parts in house ensures that each SEA-MATE connector is supplied with the highest of standards. This connector range is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel as standard, although other materials are available upon request.

SEA-MATE is available in 4 shell sizes from 2 to 37 contact configurations. With oil filled and moulded versions available and the ability to incorporate FITA technology, this new connector is extremely adaptable. Pressure rated to 7,500 psi (5,200m water depth) this latest series offers the next evolution of our highly successful connector range.

For further information on this or any of SEACON’s products, please contact us on +1 (619) 562 7071 or


SEACON Sponsors AUVSI Winning Team


Photos courtesy of
University of Florida, Machine Intelligence Lab and SubjuGator

Team Leader from the University of Florida’s team SubuGator team says that SEACON connectors “enabled us to design the lightest submarine entering the finals. The weight bonus separated us from our closest competitors in the final scoring”

SEACON’s ALL-WET Split Series of connectors recently enabled the University of Florida’s team, SubjuGator, to win first place in the AUVSI/ONR 8th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition held 4th to 7th August 2005 at the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center in San Diego, California.

This is the first time that the University have utilized our connectors and the first time that they have won the competition after seven previous attempts.

The competition consisted of three missions

  • Mission 1 – Rendezvous with a “docking station.”
  • Mission 2 – Find and mark a break in an underwater pipeline.
  • Mission 3 – Home in on an acoustic beacon and breech within a marked surface zone.

SEACON’s connectors “enabled us to design the lightest submarine entering the finals. The weight bonus separated us from our closest competitors in the final scoring” said William Dubel of the University of Florida.

AUVSI (The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) is the world’s largest non-profit making organization and along with other members from government organizations, industry and academia, is committed to developing and advancing unmanned systems and other related technologies-Further information on our ALL-WET SPLIT Series can be found under the Products section of this website.



SEACON Advanced Products and Lockheed Martin win Distinguished Innovation Award


At the ASME Industry Leadership Awards Ceremony, from Left:
Dan Stephens (Lockheed Martin), Gary Brown, Matt Christiansen
and Craig Newell (SEACON Advanced Products LLC) and
Eduardo Martinez (SEACON Global Production)

SEACON Advanced Products LLC and Lockheed Martin are pleased to announce that they have jointly won the prestigious Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Distinguished Innovation Award for the HYDRALIGHT Wet-Mate Optical Connector. The award was made by the International Petroleum Technology Institute (IPTI) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at the annual ASME Industry Leadership Awards ceremony at OTC 2005 on the 4th May 2005.

The Distinguished Innovation Award recognizes innovation and practical use of mechanical engineering in solving problems, improving design or maximizing performance.We are delighted to achieve this recognition from the industry and our peers. It rewards the hard work and effort of SEACON Advanced Products LLC, Lockheed Martin and the strong customer support over the last four years.

The HYDRALIGHT product on display at the SEACON booth during the Offshore Technology Conference 2005 in Houston, Texas, USA.

The impressive track record of the HYDRALIGHT in the field has further built on the extensive qualification test program. This total success is a testament to the sound, innovative yet simple, design principles of the product itself.

SEACON Presents Paper during OTC


During the OTC exhibition, Mr. Craig Newell, Business Development Manger for SEACON Advanced Products, presented a paper on the Underwater Operations and Technical Innovations detailing how there are many distinct industry sectors within the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and how each of these demand specific knowledge, experience and understanding.

The paper also reviewed how there is the need in today’s environment to have an overview of all areas and the ability to enable cross-fertilization of information, developments, products, successes and failures between these sectors.



New High Pressure, High Temperature, Down-Hole, Dry Mate Connector Series


SEACON New High Pressure, High Temperature, Down-Hole Dry-Mate Connector Series

The OTC exhibition also enabled SEACON to introduce it’s new high temperature down hole dry mate connector series. This latest development is a field installable high pressure, high temperature connector available either as a 2 channel optical or electrical version or a 4-channel hybrid. It is compact in size (<1″), rated to 10,000 psi and 125 degrees C with excellent electrical (600VAC and 2.5 Amps) and optical performances (loss figures of <0.5dB and back reflection of better than -40dB). For further information and available configurations please contact SEACON Advanced Products, LLC for a full datasheet.


First Showing of SEACON’s Eexd Connector Development


Constant evolution and the advancement of our industry has led to many new requirements and challenges for the SEACON Group.

OTC also saw the first showing of another of SEACON ‘s latest developments. The Eexd (European Explosion and Flameproof) underwater mateable, high power connector for Zone 1 (Gas) environments was developed for a prestigious offshore customer for installation onto a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel located off Northern Canada. This region of Canada forms part of Alaska and is prone to very large icebergs that can prove hazardous to the FPSO vessel.

This new connector utilizes SEACON (europe)’s standard field installable glanding arrangement and is based around our well proven U-Mate series connector technology. Designed to be terminated onto the main power umbilical to the subsea wells via the Quick Connect Disconnect (QCDC) plate, this connector has the ability to protect against the internal pressure emanating from within the umbilical. In the event of an emergency, the main umbilical to the FPSO would be disconnected allowing the FPSO to move away from any potential danger of a collision.

SEACON ‘s Eexd connector is Atex certified and has been approved by the CSA (Canadian Standards Authority) for use on this specific project.

For further information on this or any of SEACON’s products, please contact us on +1 (619) 562-7071 or


SEACON Global Continues to Expand


With the continuing expansion of SEACON Global Production’s engineering and machine shop capabilities, we are pleased to announce that a full time Manufacturing Engineer and Drafter has joined us to enable us to respond to our customer’s needs. An in- crease in volume orders has also meant that more production personnel have been employed to cope with the demand.

Due to competitive pricing, attractive deliveries and good customer service, SEACON Global is currently exporting around 11,000 connectors per month with an expected increase in volume to 14,000 per month over the next few months.

Our team of experienced engineers has proved important for our operation and we are now able to produce ‘built to suit’ connectors for a large number of customers on a dally basis.

SEACON Global is currently conducting research on it’s customers to gage a better understanding of the market requirements. Our success over the last 6 months has largely been due to the sourcing of new vendors who offer consistent quality at competitive prices.


Successful Delivery for Thunderhorse Project


During August of this year, SEACON (europe) Ltd became involved in The Thunderhorse Project The Thunderhorse fields are located in the Gulf of Mexico and will be developed using one of the world’s largest semi-submersible floating production platform’s. The project operated by British Petroleum Exploration & Production Inc (BP) who has 75% equity interest and Exxon Mobil Who has the remaining 25%, is the largest discovery to date and is capable of producing 250,000 bbls of oil per day at peak rate with production due to start in 2005.

This project has presented some of the toughest challenges in the US Gulf due to very deep water. Drilling teams have encountered some of the highest wellhead pressures and temperatures ever experienced In the Gulf. The project is expected to last for 10 years with a number of deep wells expected to be drilled in the range of 18,000 to 23,000 ft.

SEACON (europe) Ltd supplied three of their electro-optic field installable connectors for this project. A considerable amount of design work was required In order to ensure that the connectors met the cable specified. One of the key design requirements was that the fiber optic readings remained stable during pressure cy- cling. The fact this was achieved greatly impressed the customer and has given us a distinct advantage over our competitors. The connector passed all testing and delivery was made successfully to a very tight timescale.

SEACON (europe)’s experienced technicians will shortly be performing the on-site installations of these connectors at two different locations k1 the US; two on the floating production platform located at Corpus Cristi and one in Houston.


Product Development for Major Offshore Company


SEACON Houston’s Engineering Team have been working on a development project with a major off- shore company during the last two years producing an ATA Ruff-Neksystem (Armor Termination Assembly) with segregated armor termination to be implemented on several drilling rigs in order to reduce downtime.

The ATA allows contra-helical armor to be terminated a distance away from the end electrical connection of a MUX umbilical cable. The assembly is secured to the riser or control system framework using a Breakaway Unit that is designed to separate at a defined load. This provides an emergency breakaway point which preserves SEM integrity. The interior armor ‘plug’ is mechanical with no epoxy used. The dual-cone technology assures holding strengths exceeding 75% of cable breaking strength.

The end connector is a single-chamber, positive-pressure compensated Ruff-Nek series connector which was designed to be an integral part of the MUX umbilical cable termination system. This newest addition to the Ruff-Nek series is electrical only with an MSSL interface.

This smaller, more manageable Ruff-Nek is routed and connected. In the event of accidental BOP droppage, the Breakaway Unit shears, and the unarmored section of cable pulls out of the Ruff-Nek.

This system has been in use for several months operating at depths of 9000 feet of water with zero problems.

Due to the success of this development, our team of engineers are now producing conceptual designs for a similar system utilizing fiber optic technology.