Company History

SEACON was the first manufacturing division within the SEACON Group. The facility located in El Cajon, San Diego houses design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and testing. Many of SEACON’s products have been developed through this division including the highly successful MINI-CON and Metal Shell Series (MSS). This history of proven development has resulted in SEACON  being the focal point for the supply of electrical cable and system solutions within the Group.

SEACON (europe) Ltd (formerly Sea Connections Systems) was formed in 1987 and was the first international addition to the Group. During the past 25 years SCE has become a strong European base for design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and testing within the Group. In addition to supplying all of the SEACON Group’s products, SEACON (europe) Ltd has also developed highly successful product ranges including the 55 SERIES, U-MATE and SEA-MATE ranges. As the demand for the use of fiber optics for many applications increases, SCE developed a range of standard, dry-mate, fiber optic, hybrid connectors. The OPTI-CON series is available in 5 shell sizes from 1 to 20 contact configurations and has a pressure rating of 7,500 psi (5,200m water depth). This connector range offers fully interchangeable electric or optic contacts and can be oil filled or overmolded to any type of cable.

SEACON Global Production was created in 1989 in order to provide quality, low cost solutions for the manufacture of underwater electrical connectors. As a result of continuous success, SEACON Global Production has become the main rubber molded and composite connector manufacturer within the SEACON Group. With two locations located in Mexico, SEACON Global Production has the capability to produce high volume, low cost quality connectors with very quick turnaround times. In addition, the specialized engineering and product development departments can design and produce special application connectors to meet individual requirements. SEACON Global Production’s vast product range includes the original Marsh & Marine®, Rubber Molded and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) connectors, as well as the manufacture of the ALL-WET/WET-CON, Micro WET-CON, HUMMER and newly released GLOBE-CON and CS-MS series.

Formed by the Group in 1999 to focus directly on the Lockheed Martin designed HydraStar and CM2000 high integrity underwater mateable connectors, SEACON Advanced Products, LLC., moved to a new facility in Texas in 2005. Today the division continues to develop state-of-the-art products, including underwater mateable fiber optic connectors such as the HYDRALIGHT and the recently developed G3. In addition to the underwater mateable optical connectors, SEACON Advanced Products, LLC., continue to design and manufacture the CM2000 underwater mateable electrical connector along with electrical and optical jumper assemblies, a range of single & multiple channel optical fiber and hybrid penetrators, field installable umbilical terminations and a vast range of switches. SEACON Advanced Products, LLC., also provides full service and support for it’s optical and electrical underwater mateable connectors as well as consultancy services and is committed to working closely with customers to determine the appropriate optical and electrical connection system.

Precision Subsea AS, founded in 2008, is a Norwegian company located in Notodden, just 30km from Kongsberg. Utilizing the vast experience and knowledge of Precision’s key personnel and combining both new technology with the proven technology of the SEACON Group, Precision Subsea provides full engineering, design, testing, production and service support. The Precision Subsea AS engineering team has over 30 years of experience in subsea control system design, development and qualification. This includes electric and optical distribution systems with wet-mate and dry-mate connectors, Subsea Control Module (SCM) design, electrical actuator design, subsea system configuration and subsea intervention system development.

In May 2009 SEACON announced the recreation of a new company with a familiar name. The former management team of SEA CON Phoenix, Inc reunited to start a new manufacturing entity called SEACON Phoenix, LLC. This new company located in Ashaway, Rhode Island specializes in the manufacture of glass sealed electrical connectors, feed thrus and MIL-SPEC approved connectors as well as neoprene and polyurethane cable assemblies, harsh environment connectors and military fiber optic cables and assemblies. SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s highly qualified engineering team can also offer customers assistance in all aspects of design and fabrication. This latest addition to the  SEACON Group further enhances our vast product range.

Over the years the SEACON Group has completed many successful onsite terminations, particularly for fiber optics. Due to cross training on products for personnel within the whole Group SEACON has been able to respond to many urgent requests for onsite work across the Globe.