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Defense and Military Connectors

Defense & Military Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) is proud to support its Defense customers and has a long history of supplying military connectors and system solutions that serve the unique needs of our Fleet and supporting customers. With equipment that performs in littoral, as well as very deep water applications, TE continues to provide highly reliable, robust SEACON connectivity solutions and military connectors for a range of government platforms including submarines, surface ships, helicopters, ground vehicles, AUV’s, ROV’s and UUV’s.

Our equipment can be utilized wherever there is a tough connectivity environment and our Defense customers are assured that TE has the highly sought after, harsh environment MIL-system experience to deliver a reliable, high performance solution that is crucial to enable defense equipment to perform at it’s absolute best.

As we move into the challenges of the new century with increasingly sophisticated technologies and an increased emphasis on affordability, TE stands ready with the core knowledge and experience to provide the right system connectivity solution to meet the requirements of our Defense customers.

  • Submarines MIL Specification
  • Surface Ships
  • Mine Counter Measures
  • Helicopters
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Littoral Water Systems
  • Harbor Surveillance



Engineering, Technical and Programmatic Services

Contract Number: N00178-10-D-5927

Contract Period of Performance: 15th July, 2010 through to 4th April, 2019 (including award term options)



About SeaPort-e


Points of Contact


Kyle Whitsitt
General Manager
Phone: +1 (619) 562-7070


Task Order Awards

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Team Members

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Service Experience

Engineering Support, Modeling/Prototyping, System Design Documents/Technical Data, Quality Assurance Support, Supply and Provisioning, Configuration Management Support, Measurement/Testing Facility support as well as Program Management support.

Contract awarded for the following regional zones:

•  Zone 1 (Northeast)
•  Zone 2 (National Capital)
•  Zone 3 (Mid Atlantic)
•  Zone 4 (Gulf Coast)
•  Zone 6 (Southwest)
•  Zone 7 (Northwest)


Quality Assurance Program


  • Management has a vested responsibility in the pool of company manpower resources that influence Quality.  These departments include Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Packaging & Shipping.  These individual entities working together constitute the common objective elements of Management’s commitment to Quality.
  • A commitment to Guidance and Leadership at the top levels of Management is key for the company to achieve the predetermined goals of Quality.
  • Management commitment to Quality is directed at the markets served by our product.
  • Management is committed to supporting the Quality effort in zeroing out unacceptable product and reducing costs.
  • Management is committed to the purpose of manufacturing the highest quality product while maintaining cost and control at all organizational levels.
  • Management views participation of each and every employee in the quality effort as vital to the success of the company.
  • Management sees the commitment to Quality as entailing a continuing process of reviewing existing policies and procedures to determine whether Quality and Management documents need updating to adapt to current trends, taking into consideration related internal activities as well as the changing expectations of the marketplace.
  • Management is committed to maintaining a continuing rapport with all customers and provides personal attention to their Quality needs by providing product Design and Serviceability advice.