ROV connectors

ROV / AUV – Submarine Cable

The SEACON Group has been providing high quality Submarine Cable Systems and solutions to the ROV / AUV industries for many years. The commitment that SEACON has made to this industry has resulted in the use of Submarine Communications Cable and SEACON Connectors with assemblies on almost all ROV‘s supplied in the market today.

As new challenges have been placed on the ROV / AUV industry, SEACON has been able to provide new solutions to meet these challenges. Whether it is greater pressure capabilities to enable ROV‘s to dive deeper, smaller and lighter connector solutions to enable smaller inspection ROV‘s to be feasible, incorporation of submarine fiber optics or Ethernet to enable the use of higher specification equipment (e.g. HD Cameras), SEACON has the capability to develop and supply the highest quality and reliability solutions.

In addition to providing connector solutions, SEACON also design and manufacture a wide range of electrical, optical and coaxial subsea underwater connectors & penetrators as well as cable/tether terminations and specialist field installable mechanical terminations.

  • Inspection ROV‘s
  • Work Class ROV‘s
  • Dedging ROV‘s
  • AUV‘s
  • UUV’s
  • Leisure Submarines

ROV/AUV Products