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CAUV Successful ‘Barracuda’ Build


SEACON would like to congratulate the Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CAUV) team for being presented with the award for engineering following the recent development of their Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), the ‘Barracuda’.

CAUV Team 2012

The CAUV team entered into the Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe (SAUC-E), which involved manoeuvring the AUV through an underwater assault course.  This annual event builds students knowledge of AUVs, and is a great way to develop their skills for the future within this specialist industry.  The Cambridge team are waiting to hear where they ranked in the competition.

SEACON supported the team with the build project by supplying WET-CON OM-8-MPX and BH-8-FSX connectors which were used on the battery units of the ‘Barracuda’.

We wish the CAUV team best wishes for next year’s challenge and hope to continue supporting them in their efforts.

CAUV Team 2012

Photos kindly supplied by Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CAUV) team.