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Celebrating 50 Years of Providing Connectivity Solutions & New Innovations Into The Future

TE Connectivity (TE) celebrates the 50 years of innovation and design of both its SEACON and DEUTSCH product lines which lead the way in connector technologies for harsh conditions, where quality, durability and reliability are crucial.


With a heritage of innovation and quality spanning more than 50 years, TE’s SEACON range of underwater electrical and fibre-optic connectors is one of the largest in the world.

Founded in San Diego, CA, the business soon took off expanding into international markets with great success and quickly becoming known as an industry leader in technology innovation, remaining at the forefront of the market. More recently, in 2014, SEACON was welcomed into the TE Connectivity family, joining TE as the go-to supplier for all subsea connectivity needs.

TE’s extensive range of SEACON products include electrical dry-mate, wet-mate, and fiber optic hybrid connectors suitable for many subsea applications including oil & gas, alternate energies, military, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV)/ autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), environmental, and oceanographic, including exploration and survey. This vast product range coupled with constant innovation allows TE to continue as one of the leaders in connectivity.


Known across many industries, and with more than 75 years of experience (the last 50 of which includes TE’s offshore-focused unit based in Le Mans), TE’s DEUTSCH products continue to operate in some of the harshest environments, including aerospace, defence, marine, industrial and commercial transportation, including rail. Products include high-performance connectors for harsh environment such as high power electrical and signal wet-mate connectors and topside explosion proof dry-mate and wet-mate connectors.

DEUTSCH’s pedigree and vast product range made it the perfect partner for TE Connectivity. When DEUTSCH became part of TE’s portfolio in 2012, it brought to fruition the TE Connectivity vision of becoming a truly comprehensive solution provider across multiple markets.

Under the TE Connectivity banner, SEACON and DEUTSCH products continue their journey innovating harsh-environment connector solutions that are key to the success of an ever-increasing number of satisfied, loyal clients, who take full advantage of the significant stability and financial strength of TE Connectivity; not to mention TE’s numerous awards for innovation.


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