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CM2012 / 6mm Connector Series


Weighing over 125 pounds and with a mated length of 40 inches, the CM2012 / 6mm / 3.3kV / 60 amp PBOF connector is the largest in the CM Series to date and has been designed with permanent subsea use in mind.

Each of the connector’s 12 channels is rated for constant voltage/current of 3,300 Volts/60 amps at depths of up to 10,000 feet, making it ideal for operating large subsea motors or other devices with large current requirements.  Oil-filling is required to balance the pressure differential across this connector and therefore it has been designed to work with a variety of either silicon or mineral-type compensation oils.

Originally developed for major offshore operators, the initial configuration was for a bulkhead mounted socket plug half, with a pin receptacle connector.  Manufactured from Stainless Steel, the weight of this connector makes this ROV handle configuration suitable for a vertical ROV installation/retrieval operation only.  Either connector can be easily adapted for several different types of mounting or with various types of handles, as well as any hose exit configuration.  Dielectric withstand voltage testing, temperature rise testing, mate/de-mate and breakdown voltage testing have all been successfully conducted with excellent results.

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