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New CS-MS Dry-Mate Connector Series


New CS-MS Dry-Mate Connector Series

The SEACON Group is pleased to introduce a new range of underwater electrical dry-mate connectors.

Originally developed in conjunction with C.R. Encapsulation to meet the needs of ROV manufacturers and their equipment suppliers, the CS-MS series offers a standard aluminum shell with dual o’rings and is designed to accommodate a standard oil-filled hose.

Currently available in 2 shell sizes with 3 to 10 contact configurations as well as a single channel fiber optic version, this high specification and high integrity connector fits industry standard bulkhead interfaces and is available in alternative materials including Stainless Steel and Titanium and can be molded to many standard cables.

Pressure rated to 10,000 psi, this new series is also suitable for a variety of other applications including underwater cameras and lights, diver communications, recreational submersibles, towed array cable systems, current meters, animal migration research and food processing equipment.

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