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Enabling Secure Connections in Subsea Defense Systems

TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON supports deep sea military systems, including submarine and surface ships, littoral water systems and harbor surveillance, through its highly reliable, robust connectivity solutions, such as its wide selection of military connectors.  TE also designs and manufactures a range of electrical, optical and coaxial subsea underwater connectors and penetrators, most customizable to suit the configuration needs of harsh marine applications.

Designed to help meet the specific environmental conditions imposed on connectors in subsea systems, TE’s SEACON OPTI-CON connector range offers interchangeable electric or optic contacts with a wide range of customization options.  OPTI-CON connectors have 5 shell sizes from one 1 to 20 contact configurations and can be oil-filled or over-molded to fit most cable types. The OPTI-CON connector range is available in a variety of fiber types from single-mode to multi-mode and has a pressure rating of 7,500 psi (5,200m water depth).

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