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Explore TE Connectivity (TE)’s Solutions for Harsh Subsea Applications

Advanced Interconnect Products, Technology and System Solutions


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Subsea Production Systems


Fathom the Possibilities

You have unlimited opportunity with one of the widest ranges of underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors available anywhere in the world. This range of connectors covers not only optical, signal, and power, but hybrid connectors mixing these capabilities in a single unit. Our broad range of cable, connectors, penetrators, sensors, and switches gives you the flexibility to configure the ideal connector system for your most extreme applications.


  • X-Mas Trees
  • Subsea Control Modules (SCM)
  • Manifolds
  • Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA)
  • Router Modules


Enhanced Oil Recovery


Maximizing Yields for the Life of the Well

In addition to helping you with connectivity solutions that enable the installation of subsea equipment safely and reliably, we also have solutions that help you monitor and maintain equipment to maximize oil recovery, even after the field has matured.

Our Bottomless Commitment

Our wide and deep experience solving the tough problems in offshore exploration and production, and close working relationship with customers, enable us to deliver the best solution. Working closely with both equipment designers and exploration/production service companies gives us the ability to create connectivity solutions and meet the specific demands of an application in topside, subsea, and downhole environments.


  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Pipeline Heating
  • Transformers/Switchgear
  • PRM


Well Access Systems


Monitoring and Control

Downhole applications represent one of the most challenging environments. Data from downhole not only provides a clear real-time picture of current conditions, but also forms the basis for sophisticated predictive modeling. This permits enhanced operating efficiencies and improved recovery of petroleum reservoirs.

Reliability Below the Seabed

Beyond withstanding pressures to 15,000 psi and operating temperatures as high as 300°F, connectors for downhole applications must be sealed against harsh fluids. Plus, the environment is space constrained so that size matters significantly, and compact connectors are favored.


  • Blowout Preventer
  • Workover Systems
  • Landing Strings
  • Drill Stem Testing


Wherever You Need Us, We’ll Be There


Serving global customers with a single point of contact, the Global Center of Excellence Network helps minimize risks, preserve profits, automate efficiencies and gain
real-time intelligence from a scalable platform offering integrated solutions.

We bring the full force of the TE Connectivity global network to help you solve your toughest challenges for more stringent applications that go deeper and deeper into harsh environments. Our marine, oil and gas group and management team are dedicated to working closely with both equipment designers and exploration/production companies to create connectivity solutions that meet the specific demands of your subsea applications.

For more than half a century, our best-in-class electronic systems and components have withstood weather, corrosion, and extreme temperatures to help keep subsea oil and gas exploration and production productive, safe, and dependable in tough operating environments.

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