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Future Installation And Connection Of Tidal Turbines


SEACON will be exhibiting at Energy Ocean in June 2013, in Providence, RI, USA where SEACON’s Renewable Energy Business Development Manager Mr. Dave Pye, will be presenting a paper titled ‘Future Installation And Connection Of Tidal Turbines’. See the below abstract…

Energy Ocean International

The challenges of installation (and future operations and maintenance) in a tidal environment cannot be underestimated. Costs for bespoke solutions of individual devices installation remains high and has accounted for more than 50% of project capex to date..  A more generic solution, utilizing aspects of known technologies, methodologies, experienced contractors, subsea equipment and operations is needed.

Wind Turbines

In order to achieve the targeted reductions in total capex it is essential to focus on installation and connection. Whilst cost reductions will be achieved with increased quantities, this does not apply to the same degree to installation.

The presentation will outline two main themes:

  • The utilization of installation technologies designed specifically for use in the tidal energy sector.
  • The design of electrical and fiber-optic connectors, specifically for use in conjunction with the above.

Previous experience in these themes will be presented along with lessons learned and proposed improvements.

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