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Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables


Hybrid fiber optic cables have been used in various guises in the subsea industry for a number of years now.  Initially utilised for transatlantic communication, where kilometres of cable was laid subsea between continents, hybrid fiber optic cables are now used across a wide spectrum, including well control systems, sensing and monitoring and ROV tethers.

Hybrid fiber optic cables present a number of challenges to the connector supplier.  The complexity and range of cables in addition to customer requirements is immense.  The numbers of cores, both electrical and optic vary depending on the system requirements, the depth required, operating conditions and Kevlar or steel armour termination all play a part in connector choice.

The SEACON group has the advantage of being at the forefront of this ‘new’ technology with a range of COTS (Commercially Of The Shelf) connectors, such as the OPTI-CON, or our MINI-CON and MSS series which are all available to suit a range of hybrid fiber optic cables.  In addition, our in-house design and engineering capability means our connectors can either be adapted to suit or a bespoke solution achieved, with short lead times and exceptional quality.

Please visit the Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate page of SEACON’s website for more information on SEACON’s optical hybrid range of products.