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Hybrid Optic, Hybrid Connectors


As organizations within the subsea industry develop more applications with hybrid optic connector technology in mind, there has been a dramatic increase in the quantity and complexity of hybrid optic connector configurations needed to fit these applications.

As fiber optic communication continues to evolve the SEACON Group has developed a comprehensive and extensive range of optical hybrid connectors.  SEACON’s hybrid optic range is designed and manufactured to meet the specific and varied environmental conditions imposed on connectors today.

SEACON’s standard dry-mate hybrid optic products are based around three of SEACON’s hybrid connector ranges; the MSS (Metal Shell Series), MINI-CON and the latest OPTI-CON series which was developed in response to a need for a standard high quality hybrid connector.

With over 13 years experience in underwater hybrid optic connector technology, SEACON can offer optical dry-mate, wet-mate, underwater mateable connectors, optical penetrators and optical fiber management systems.

For more information on our hybrid optic connectors please see the Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate section of SEACON’s website.