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SEACON Advanced Products, LLC of Bellville, Texas, USA is pleased to introduce a new HYDRALIGHT Optical wet-mate configuration integrating a dry-mate OPTI-CON electrical hybrid connector.

This latest design provides a number of advantages:

  • Allows a quick and simple hook-up of the HYDRALIGHT via the OPTI-CON dry-mate connector in the field before deployment.
  • Allows the flexibility of selecting different cables or PBOF hoses during the design phase that terminate to the much simpler and standardized OPTI-CON connector.
  • Modularity allows quick change out of either system for maintenance or repair.

Once connected topside, these systems can be installed underwater by a diver or ROV.

For further details please contact SEACON Advanced Products, LLC at +1 (979) 865-8846 or e-mail