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Micro MINI-CON Underwater Electrical Dry-Mate Connector Range…


The Micro MINI-CON dry-mateable connector range is available in 6 different shell sizes ranging from 4 to 202 contacts with a pressure rating of 13,500 psi mated and is also available in a fiber optic configuration (please see our Optical Dry-Mate Hybrid section). In addition, this series also offers the option of right angles, over-molding of the cable plug, field installing the cable using boots or terminating with a Pressure Balanced Oil-Filled (PBOF) system.

The Micro MINI-CON is suitable for a variety of applications including cameras and lights or any application where size is an issue.


Key Features

  • Dry mateable
  • Small, high density connectors
  • 4 shell sizes available
  • 4 to 26 contacts
  • Up to 13,500 psig (approx. 30,300ft/9,250m) mated
  • 20,000 psig mated for PBOF
  • 300 VDC as standard (higher ratings available)
  • Titanium bodies
  • Fiber-optic available

For more information on the Micro MINI-CON connector please click here.