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MINI-CON Dummy Connector Enhancement


MIN-DSR-DSPAs part of our continuous improvement process, the SEACON Group consistently reviews its product ranges through both customer feedback and internal improvements. It is via these processes that SEACON identified a design enhancement to the MINI-CON dry-mate connector range.

The design change is associated with the dummy connectors. With more and more customers requiring a lanyard attached to the dummy connectors to prevent loss, the DSP/DSR/PSP & PSR have been lengthened slightly and a groove added so that a lanyard can be wrapped around the groove and secured with a crimp fitting. Customers will be provided with a simple crimp fitting for use when attaching the other end of the wire to the cable or whatever equipment the customer chooses to use.

The up-graded design will become standard and available once existing stock of previous parts has been depleted. Dummies do not automatically come with lanyards, please specify at order placement.

For more information please download the MINI-CON Dummy Connector Flyer.