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Metal Shell Series (MSS) Offers Technical Advances for Subsea Operating Systems

As subsea systems operate in increasingly challenging environments, TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON group has improved its connectors to help meet the demands. TE’s commitment to technological advancements across its SEACON product lines has led to improvements across its 25 product ranges, 30,000 connector types and configurations, and thousands of customized connectors for electrical, electrical-optical hybrid, wet-mate and dry-mate connectors.

One of the many products TE has continued to evolve is its SEACON MSS line. Used in high-power motors, submersible pumps, subsea electronic module (SEM) control units, drilling systems and umbilical links for remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), the MSS connector is highly versatile to adapt to systems that require multiple applications through a single interface. MSS connectors can withstand full ocean depth pressure and are fully ruggedized to ease handling and deployment. Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel as standard with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) inserts, these connectors are adaptable to custom strength terminations and have a wide range of customizable configurations.

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Waterproof Electrical Connectors for the Sewer and Waste Water Industries

TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON Rubber Molded Connector with Integral Gripper is a waterproof electrical connector specifically produced for the sewer and waste water industries. It is a variation of the SEACON standard Rubber Molded waterproof electrical connector range but incorporates a grippable serration allowing for handling and unplugging in slippery and wet conditions.


• Easy mate and demate even with wet and contaminated hands
• Small in size
• Inexpensive
• Ideally suited for the sewer and water treatment industries
• Various sizes available from single contact up to 12 contacts
• Available with pins and sockets reversed to avoid mismating


• Max working pressure 20,000psi (mated)
• Temperature rating up to 60°
• Voltage rating 600 VDC – contact factory for higher voltage requirements
• Current rating – dependent upon cable requirements

• Sewer inspection

TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON SEA-MATE Connectivity Solutions for Marine Harsh Environments

TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON SEA-MATE electrical wet-mate connectors features fully interchangeable inserts for greater flexibility, full PBOF (Pressure Balanced Oil Filled) capabilities, and increased configurations, which are all designed to enhance underwater reliability.  In addition, this connector range has many features that characterized the original SEACON U-MATE connector series, including a robust design and positive keying.  The SEA-MATE connector series is manufactured from 316L stainless steel as standard, but other materials are available upon request.

Key Features

  • Second generation U-MATE
  • 4 Shell sizes (G, K, L, M)
  • Up to 37 contacts
  • Oil filled option available
  • ROV mateable version available
  • Up to 7,500 psig mated & open face (approx. 16,900ft/5,200m)
  • Up to 600 VDC
  • Up to 10 amps/50 amps (for new high power version)
  • Stainless Steel, Glass Reinforced Epoxy, Hypalon Rubber, Copper Alloy
  • Typical uses; Diver communications, UWTV, lights, ROV’s & ship to shore communications

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TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON 55 Series Designed for Marine and Oceanographic Systems

TE’s SEACON 55 dry-mate connector series were developed for a variety of marine applications, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), umbilicals, underwater cameras and diver communications. TE’s SEACON 55 connectors include several key features ideal for marine systems, such as gold-plated contacts with contact band interface technology. This connector line also boasts industry standard compatibility and reliable sealing technology.

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TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON Pressure Balanced Oil Filled Cabling Solutions

Jumper Assembly Group

Subsea jumper assemblies and distribution harnesses are provided by TE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON for use with subsea connectors. Many subsea electrical and optical cable and connection systems utilize Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) cabling solutions. These hoses and junction boxes utilize an elastomeric tube as a conduit for electric wires and fiber optic lines. The elastomeric conduit is filled with a compensating fluid, allowing the sea pressure to equalize the pressure differential within the interior oil volume.


  • Temperature and pressure compensated
  • Tested to 450 bar
  • Ozone protection
  • Designed for ROV handling
  • Good ROV maneuverability during connector mating
  • Deployment techniques similar to jacketed cable
  • Each assembly tension tested at 3750 N
  • Optics & hybrid available
  • Oil filled available
  • Two layer design with tension and pressure armor in between

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Learn more about Glass to Metal Penetrators on the final day of Offshore Europe

Glass to metal penetrators provide electrical power and signals from ambient pressure to an atmospheric environment while providing a water tight glass to metal seal.

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Contact Penetrator Datasheet

Day 3 at the Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition

Drop by the stand on Day Three of Offshore Europe to see our HydraElectric connector series – booth #5D61.

Learn more about Jumper Assemblies at Day 2 of Offshore Europe

Stop by booth 5D61 to learn more, or click the link below to view the datasheet.

Jumper Assembly Datasheet