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Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate Connector Solutions from SEACON…


SEACON’s fiber optic connectors are available in a variety of shell sizes ranging from 1 to 48 contacts, single-mode or multi-mode with a wide range of shell materials including 316 Stainless Steel (as standard) although other materials are available including Titanium, Monel™, Inconel™ and Aluminum. Pressure rated to 20,000 psi with an insertion loss of <1.0dB, typically <0.5dB, these dry mate connectors are also available with Pressure Balance Oil Filled (PBOF) and glass sealed options.

Since SEACON first started manufacturing fiber optics, the diversity of applications has increased and now includes sonar and surveillance systems, ROV’s/AUV’s, BOP monitoring equipment, neutrino detection, stress monitoring, subsea camera systems and downhole applications.


Key Features

  • Dry Mateable
  • Single-mode & Multi-mode
  • Using Standard Connector Ranges:
  • Insertion loss <1.0bB (or <0.5dB)
  • Up to 20,000 psig (approx. 45,000ft/13,700m)
  • Glass sealed options available in some connector styles and types

For more information on the Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate range please click here.