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Portable Oil Fill Station Datasheet Now Available


SAPL-DS-0512 Portable Oil Filled Station Rev 1

The Portable Oil-Fill Station is the evolution of the stationary oil-fill units used at in-house facilities to provide HYDRALIGHT connectors with clean, filtered oil. Cleanliness within the HYDRALIGHT connectors is paramount as it will aid in a higher level of performance and maintain longevity of field use. The Portable Oil-Fill Station has a 3 micron filter to remove the tiniest particle within the mineral oil, thus removing the maximum amount of contamination possible. The interchangeable fill & vent connectors, currently supplied with this unit, easily mate to both genders of the HYDRALIGHT connector series and alleviate trapped air bubbles. The external vacuum pump assists the internal pump of the particle counter to move the oil through the system at an adjustable pace while remaining external to avoid potential contamination. The particle counter is very simple to use; with a digital read out to display the NAS class of the oil, the CAT 5 cable that comes with the counter can be plugged into most computers to log the data. Long test leads allow for work station setup up to 12 feet away from the unit. The Portable Oil-Fill Station is the ideal unit in-house or in the field for proper connector filling for subsea pressure compensation.


·Field or factory operation for topping off HYDRALIGHT’s with clean or filtered fluid

·Filtering and cleaning HYDRALIGHT pressure compensation fluid

·Circulating fluid to clean-through HYDRALIGHT’s if required

·Draining and filling HYDRALIGHT’s

·Cleaning and maintaining of test connectors

·Not required if connectors are used correctly in accordance with the requirements of their design life

·Extremely useful to have in the factory or on site in the event of incorrect operations by personnel unfamiliar with the HYDRALIGHT

·Test connectors need to be maintained at a significantly higher degree of standard

·Training provided