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NS-EN ISO 9001:2015

Precisions Management System was developed successively from the start of the company Autumn 2008. The main target was to establish a practical system to cover the needed documents and tools for running the business properly and ensure required quality of the products. The system is heavily process oriented.

As the company has successively gained experience with the system and both the system and the company has been more mature. The Management System has also been tuned to satisfy ISO 9001:2008 requirements. During Autumn 2013 we contacted NEMKO and the preparation for certification to ISO 9001:2008 was started. Finally our Management (Quality) System was certified by NEMKO December 3rd with two minor Non Conformities.

ISO 9001 certification is now required by many customers, but Precision also see this certification as a tool to improve internal processes and consequently the efficiency and effectiveness of our company resulting in better quality of our products and services.  The certificate covers development, design, testing, production and service/refurbishment of electric and fiber optic subsea control systems and components.