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Precision Subsea AS New 8mm PBOF Hose & MKII Fitting System


8mm PBOF HosePrecision Subsea AS, Norway, whose facilities have been configured to support definition, development and production of SEACONs products to industry standards and customer specific specifications, have just released the ‘8mm PBOF Hose & MKII Fitting System’.

The 8mm hose and MKII fitting system is designed for fiber optic and electric wiring applications where limited space and bend radiuses are major constraints. The clear Polyurethane hose allows easy verification of filling and the arrangement of fiber and electrical wires inside. The hose is designed for extreme kink resistance for reliable routing of fiber optic cables. The hose is self compensating and has the same pressure rating as the 13mm and 20mm MKII hoses.

Fitting and sealing system is identical to the industry standard 13mm and 20mm MKII sizes, but scaled down for compactness. Various interface fittings and splitter boxes allows using the 8, 13 and 20mm components in the same system.

The key features include:

  • Temperature and pressure compensated
  • Design Life: >25 years in operation subsea
  • Pressure/Temperature: Self compensating to
  • 3,000m WD
  • Single or double o-ring sealing
  • Metal to metal sealing
  • Swivel Nut. Serrated for easy handling
  • Titanium GR2 or AISI316 as an option
  • Anti-rotation crimp sleeve system
  • MKII compatible through out
  • Crimp sleeve electrically connected

For more information the datasheet for this (PSAS-DS-0007 8mm PBOF Hose) can be found on the PRODUCT DATASHEETS page of SEACON’s website under the PRECISION SUBSEA AS heading.


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