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SEACON Precision Subsea, is a Norwegian company located in Notodden just 30 km from Kongsberg. Utilizing the vast experience and knowledge of Precision personnel and combining this with proven technology from the SEACON Group, SEACON Precision Subsea is focused on providing its customers the highest quality products and services. With a recent move to new facilities SEACON Precision Subsea has expanded its capacity and capabilties to support customers with Engineering, Design, Testing, Production & Service Support.


  • • Electric & optical distribution systems with wet & dry-mate connectors
    • Subsea control module design
    • Electrical actuator design
    • Subsea system configuration
    • Subsea intervention system development
    • Underwater-mateable optical and electrical jumper/harnesses, umbilical cable terminations and connectors
    • Marinization for subsea environment
    • Design / Sales / Subsea Systems and Product Integration
    • SDU (Subsea Distribution Unit) for electric, fiber optic and hydraulic distribution
    • Hydraulic distribution systems
    • Field service installation work
    • Engineering services


SEACON Precision Subsea, Merdeveien 1, 3676 Notodden, Norway.

TEL: +47 35 01 98 11


Design and Engineering


Design Engineering

SEACON Precision’s Subsea engineering team has the most extensive ‘in-depth’ knowledge of Subsea Control Systems and Distributions in the industry today. This knowledge is used to not only develop the needs of today’s systems, but also the needs of the future. System design and architectures are developed to ensure that tomorrow’s operational needs are achieved, not only from a technical, but also a commercial and environmental perspective.

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Manufacturing and Assembly



SEACON Precision Subsea provides modern manufacturing facilities for all electrical, sensor and optical harness assembly requirements. In addition to the standard workshop assembly facility, SEACON Precision Subsea also has a fiber optic cleanroom, critical for controlled assembly and service of today’s fiber optic connectors and systems. Precision’s technicians are qualified to industry standard IPC certification for soldering and also have completed extensive training on fiber optic handling and manufacture.

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Subsea Equipment Integration


Subsea Equip Integration

SEACON Precision Subsea is fully versed in understanding the component application of subsea assets that go beyond providing connectors and jumper harnesses, such understanding of subsea operations and equipment allows SEACON Precision Subsea to assist clients in the following

  • Installation of sensor harness systems for deepwater trees to allow communication with tree sensors, transducers, and associated digital components
  • To work in conjunction with drilling and subsea asset contractors to offer viable integration and approach to packaging of digital electrical and fiber optic equipment
  • Installation of fiber optic and electrical systems on to drilling and intervention systems
  • Wiring of electrical components and termination of fiber optic assemblies within atmosphere chambers, pressure balanced assemblies, and hermetically sealed equipment

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In addition to supporting testing of its electrical, sensor and optical harness assemblies, SEACON Precision Subsea also provides rental services for testing. This is typically utilizing its large 465 Bar 1m diameter, 3m long pressure vessel.  However, additional pressure vessels and test equipment and services are also available.

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