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Pressure Vessels

Seacon Precision Subsea’s hyperbaric test facilities has a number of features:

  • Automatic pressure cycling
  • Electric actuated connector mating rig, Electric and Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Electric, Fiber optic and hydraulic feed penetrators
  • Cooling and Heating coils for temperature cycling
  • Turbid Tank, Sand and Silt under pressure

Pressure Vessel 1
                                                               Pressure Vessel 1


Vessel Number 1 2 3
Inside Working dimensions, width, mm  1000  124,4  160
Inside Working dimensions, depth, mm  3000  6202  498
Max Operating pressure, bar  465  450  690
Fluid Type, FW, SW, Oil or Gas  FW  FW  FW/SW/Oil
Temperature Control Range  Min. 0-4⁰CMax.>40⁰C  Min. 0-4⁰CMax.>55⁰C  Min. -5⁰CMax. 100⁰C
Pressure Control  Auto  Auto/Manual  Manual


Pressure Vessel 2     Pressure Vessel 3
  Pressure Vessel 2                                                                            Pressure Vessel 3