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Product Development for Major Offshore Company


SEACON Houston’s Engineering Team have been working on a development project with a major off- shore company during the last two years producing an ATA Ruff-Neksystem (Armor Termination Assembly) with segregated armor termination to be implemented on several drilling rigs in order to reduce downtime.

The ATA allows contra-helical armor to be terminated a distance away from the end electrical connection of a MUX umbilical cable. The assembly is secured to the riser or control system framework using a Breakaway Unit that is designed to separate at a defined load. This provides an emergency breakaway point which preserves SEM integrity. The interior armor ‘plug’ is mechanical with no epoxy used. The dual-cone technology assures holding strengths exceeding 75% of cable breaking strength.

The end connector is a single-chamber, positive-pressure compensated Ruff-Nek series connector which was designed to be an integral part of the MUX umbilical cable termination system. This newest addition to the Ruff-Nek series is electrical only with an MSSL interface.

This smaller, more manageable Ruff-Nek is routed and connected. In the event of accidental BOP droppage, the Breakaway Unit shears, and the unarmored section of cable pulls out of the Ruff-Nek.

This system has been in use for several months operating at depths of 9000 feet of water with zero problems.

Due to the success of this development, our team of engineers are now producing conceptual designs for a similar system utilizing fiber optic technology.