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The products shown on this website are not manufactured or stocked at all of SEACON’s facilities, however all products can be purchased from any of SEACON’s divisions. Please contact your nearest SEACON office or representative for further information.
  • Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate
    Hybrid Connectors – As fiber optic communication continues to evolve, the SEACON Group are able to offer a comprehensive and extensive range of Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable Connectors.
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  • Electrical Underwater Mateable
    SEACON underwater electrical mateable connectors have features that protect the electrical contacts from the external environment. In addition, pressure compensated fluid-filled chambers allow repeated mates/de-mates underwater without servicing.
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  • Optical Underwater Mateable Connectors
    Our optical underwater mateable connectors manufactured by SEACON Advanced Products, LLC of Bellville, Texas, USA include the field proven HYDRALIGHT second generation fiber optic connector and new G3 third generation connector suitable for downhole applications.
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  • Downhole
    Our range of products for downhole applications include the HP/HT connector available in either electrical, optical or hybrid versions and recently developed downhole technology.
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  • Field Installable
    SEACON’s multiplex (MUX) cable termination systems consist of 1 Atmosphere and Positively Pressurized (RUFF-NEK) connector solutions as well as the new.
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  • Underwater Switches
    SEACON manufactures a variety of versatile and robust switches to suit a number of applications.
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  • Penetrators
    We manufacture several lines of Electrical Penetrators that facilitate a cable assembly/harness to penetrate a bulkhead or instrument package without the use of connectors.
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  • Specialty Products
    The SEACON Group has produced many specialty products for customers over the years. These include the VITON® connector.
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  • Explosion Proof
    In recent years there has been an increased requirement for connectors to operate in hazardous environments and many applications now require quick and safe disconnection of connectors to be used in these environments.
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  • Electrical Dry-Mate
    SEACON’s electrical dry-mate connectors are mated in air with the mating interfaces being kept dry and sealed from the external environment.
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  • Electrical Wet-Mate
    Electrical wet mate connectors from SEACON. Our wet mateable connectors are used in marine exploration, renewable energy and in civilian applications for the oil and gas industries. Check our product range now.
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  • Rochester Cables
    TE Connectivity’s (TE) Rochester Cables brings advanced technology to the design and manufacture of cables for harsh environments.
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Please download SEACON’s Short Form Product Brochure for details of our product range.

  Download Now (PDF 833KB) As you can appreciate there are many products that we manufacture which are not shown, however if you do have a specific requirement then please do not hesitate to contact us as we are able to produce many specials to order and can come up with a specification for any application fairly quickly. PRODUCT_Brochure_Image