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The HP/HT, high temperature, dry-mate connector series is designed for use on downhole equipment. All connectors are sized at less than 1" diameter to enable installation into the constrained spaces available in downhole equipment and they have been designed with field installation in mind. This new series is pressure rated to 10,000 psi at 125°C (257°F), with primary 'metal-to-metal' sealing and secondary elastomer seals. The electrical contacts are rated for 600 VAC and 2.5 amps, whilst the optical performance on single mode fibers provides insertion loss figures of <0.5dB and back reflection of better than -40dB.

Key Features

  • Optical, electrical and hybrid (electro/optic) versions available:
    • 2-channel optical
    • 2-channel electrical
    • 4-channel hybrid (2 electro/2 optic)
  • Up to 10,000 psi
  • Up to 600 VAC
  • Up to 2.5 amps
  • Less than 1 inch in diameter
  • Field installable termination
  • Maximum optical attenuation: 0.3dB
  • Maximum optical back reflection: -50dB
  • Inconel 625
  • Typical uses; High-pressure and high-temperature applications, Downhole & tree/tubing hanger systems
HPHT (Downhole)

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