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The HYDRALIGHT is a field proven, second generation underwater mateable, high integrity, fiber optic connector. This 8 channel, fully underwater mateable, oil filled pressure balanced and field proven connector is fully qualified to 7,000m, with an average single mode insertion loss of less that .2dB and a average single mode back reflection of -50 dB. With a design life of 30 years and a life cycle of a minimum of 100 mate/de-mates, this connector meets the following specifications:

  • Norsk Hydro NHT-152-00073 Rev 04H
  • Statoil TR1233
  • Elf Exploration AO-32-2-011-LT-00-SN-005 Rev C
  • Total GSEPSPS021
  • BP GP78-21

Key Features

  • 2nd generation, field proven, underwater mateable connector
  • 8-channel optic only
  • Up to 10,000 psi
  • Oil filled and pressure balanced
  • Qualified for 7,000m
  • Average single mode insertion loss of less than 0.2dB
  • Average single mode back reflection of -50dB
  • Titanium
  • Design life of 30 years
  • Typical uses; High speed communications, long-distance, production control, pumping systems, sensing systems, Riser and PRM systems
Hydralight Optical Underwater Mateable Connector Part Number System


Principle of Operation

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