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With over 45 years experience, SEACON has the unique engineering and production capability to design, manufacture, and deliver the solution to your connector problems. We have developed and provided many special custom products to customers in the past.

These include the development of the Exd (Explosion Proof) Connector Zone 1 which was based around our MSS (Metal Shell Series) technology, seismic array inserts, small profile military arrays, cable protection and jumpers and assemblies to name but a few.

Key Features

  • Pressure: up to 20,000 psi
  • Voltage: up to 5,000 VAC
  • Materials: Titanium, Hastelloy®, lnconel®, Monel®, Nitronic® 50 and several engineering plastics
  • Pressure balanced oil-filled system to standard cable system transitions
  • Several connectors designed to interface directly with specific underwater lamp bulbs
  • Several high density towed array inserts
  • Many custom inserts for the Downhole Industry

Specialty Products

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