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SEACON offers a variety of switches. This Modular Proximity Switch utilizes many of our proven proximity switches and integrates them with a SEACON Micro WET-CON, underwater plugable connector.

Installation has never been easier. Once the switch is mounted the cable can easily be added. Because a wet plugable connector is used, this can be done in any conditions, even submerged.

As a result of this modular design, switches become interchangeable. Simply replace the cable and the switch can be used eleswhere. This is particularly useful when taking spares to sea.

Key Features

  • Hermetically sealed
  • No O-rings or gaskets
  • Single Pole Double Throw
  • Reinforced Neoprene Mold
  • Integrated Underwater Plugable connector incorporating MC-BH-3M


SEACON Advanced Products, LLC operate a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2008


AU-VM Series, AU-VME Series, BU-VM Series.

Standard Proximity - The switch can be normally open or closed. When a magnet is presented the switch will either open or close the circuit.

Sinking Hall Effect - The sensor is normally closed. When a magnet is present the sensor opens at a very high rate of speed.

Sinking/Sourcing Hall Effect - The switch is normally open and will gradually close as the magnet is brought closer to the switch. This is ideal for lining up two objects.

Latching Hall Effect - The circuit is closed when a South magnet is present and opens when a North magnet is presented.

Design Ratings & Testing

  • Pressure rating:
    • 6,000 psi - All series
    • 10,000 psi - VME series
  • Power load:
    • Light duty = 1 amp - Available for all series
    • Standard duty = 7 amps - Available for all series
    • Standard Temperature range: -65° to +150°F - Available for all series


Proximity Switch meets NAVSEA 5162424-102-11

Principle Of Operation

A Modular Proximity Switch uses magnets, either in attraction or repulsion, to open or close an electrical circuit.
Except for hall effect, all switches are single pole double throw.

Modular Proximity Switches

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