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SEACON has developed various forms of Switches. This Limit Switch is ideally suited for diver applications. Rated to 500 feet (152 meters), this durable switch fits nicely into a gloved hand. Originally designed as a push to talk button, this switch has a wide variety of uses.

The switch is made of durable Black Acetal (ASTM D418, POM111 or 211). It is available in either light (1 amp) or standard duty (up to 7 amps).

Key Features

  • Black Acetal (Polyacetal) Construction
  • Single Pole Double Throw
  • Available in light and standard duty
  • Load capacities;
    • Light duty (LD - 1 amp)
    • Standard duty (SD - 7 amps)



  • Black Acetal (Delrin®) ASTM D4181, POM111 OR 211


  • Part number AU-PLS-(LD or SD)-C

Design Ratings & Testing

  • Pressure rating: 500 feet (152 meters)
  • Power load:
    • Light duty = 1 amps (115 VAC/28 VDC)
    • Standard duty = 7 amps (115 VAC/28 VDC)


  • Full Stroke of Plunger: 0.30 inches
Plastic Limit Switches

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