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Read about SEACON (europe)’s Extensive Testing Capabilities


As technology advances and our range of products develops, our commitment to invest in every aspect of our business continues.  Following the recent expansion at SEACON (europe)’s facility in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk a new pressure testing vessel has been installed.

Some of our valued customers may not know that our testing equipment is available for hire on a part or full day basis for own equipment testing  such as lamps, subsea electronic pods and cameras with full technical assistance from SEACON (europe)’s fully experienced personnel.

SEACON (europe) Ltd Pressure Vessel

Our latest unit is a pressure vessel capable of pressure cycling up to 7,975 psi (550 bar) with an internal diameter of 750mm (29.5 inches) and an internal depth of 1,800mm (70.8 inches) capable of accommodating and testing large volume connectors and full cable assemblies.

SEACON (europe)’s other pressure vessels available for hire include units capable of testing up to 2,000 psi (138 bar) with an internal diameter of 430mm (17 inches) and a depth of 1400mm (55 inches) and two high pressure chambers rated to 10,000 psi (689 bar) with internal diameters of 100mm (4 inches) and depths ranging from 175mm (7 inches) to 900mm (36 inches).  We can also conduct pressure cycling on all vessels and have the capability to cater for most test regimes including optical loss for single mode and multimode with full test reporting and documenting services available.

SEACON (europe) Ltd Pressure Vessel

Our service is complimented with fully calibrated Metrology equipment including two Microhite 2D Digital Height Gauges, (600 & 300), Etalon PP300 Shadowgraph/Profile Projector and a Surftest 211 Digital Surface Finish Gauge.  We also boast a range of manual equipment such as Micrometers, Digital Vernier Callipers and a comprehensive range of Thread Gauges.

SEACON (europe) Ltd Pressure Vessel

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