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Read About SEACON’s MINI-CON Dry-Mate Connector Range


Originally SEACON’s well established MINI-CON range was originally developed for the purpose of supplying small diameter, high density and high pressure connectors. Dry mateable, this connector series is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel as standard, although other materials are available upon request including Titanium and Monel®.


  • Dry mateable
  • 13 shell sizes
  • 1 to 203 contacts including coax
  • Glass sealed inserts available
  • Optics & hybrid available
  • Positive keying
  • PBOF available
  • Tested in accordance with MIL-SPEC standards
  • Up to 16,000 psi (approx. 36,000ft/10,500m)
  • 600 VDC standard (higher ratings up to 5,000 VDC)
  • Up to 23 amps (dependent on cable)
  • Typical uses are drilling systems, umbilical links & submarine connectors

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