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Read About SEACON’s Subsea Jumper Assemblies & Distribution Harness


SEACON Jumper Assembly

Subsea jumper assemblies and distribution harnesses are provided by SEACON for use with SEACON subsea connectors. Many subsea electrical and optical cable and connection systems utilize Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) cabling solutions. These cables utilize an elastomeric tube as a conduit for electric wires and fiber optic lines. The elastomeric conduit is filled with a compensating fluid, allowing the sea pressure to freely communicate with the interior oil volume, equalizing the pressure in the assembly. This option for cabling provides for a reliable and configurable cable system suitable for many subsea applications. This technology has been widely utilized in ocean science observatories, towed arrays, drilling systems, production control systems and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems to name a few. They have become a critical component in many subsea systems today and SEACON is pleased to offer this solution with its Subsea fiber optic and electrical connectors.

For more information please see our… Subsea Jumper Assembly datasheet