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Renewable Energy Market


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With a world-wide focus on climate change and the need for new alternatives for the generation of power many new generating technologies are being developed. SEACON is embracing the Renewable Energy market and working with clients in many market sectors including Wave, Tidal and Hydro power. SEACON has been able to combine not only its strength in new product research and development, but also its vast experience in the supply of harsh environment connectors and systems. These strengths have enabled SEACON to provide electrical and optical solutions to this market due to the wide range of products and services already offered by the SEACON Group including:-

· Underwater mateable fiber optic and electrical connectors
· Underwater fiber optic and electrical connectors
· Cable terminations and splice boxes
· Field installation
· On-site support

Renewable Energy

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In addition, SEACON is heavily investing in the development of new products specifically designed for this market. The Wave and Tidal generation sectors have, in most circumstances, very different requirements in terms of electrical and fiber optic connections. For Wave applications these are generally for dry-mateable / manual make-up connectors whereas Tidal normally utilizes wet-mateable / ROV or stab-plate make-up. SEACON is able to supply many of these requirements from its range of standard products.