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The SBP Series FITA Datasheet has been Up-dated and is now at Rev 3.


SBP Series FITAThe SBP Series FITA datasheet has been up-dated to better detail the product.  One of these details includes the indication of the dual pressure compensated chambers which has the front chamber rated up to approximately 35 psi and the rear chamber approximately 60 psi.  It is also now states that this product’s availability in an electro-optical hybrid configuration is designed for both single and multi-mode communications, with an optical attenuation of <1.5dB per mated contact pair, for both the single and multi-mode configurations.

Testing for the SBP Series FITA has also been up-dated with the operational depth rating now at 5,300 psi (12,000 ft) and a qualification test pressure rating of 6,500 psi (14,500ft).

For further information on the SBP Series FITA please download the latest version of the datasheet which can be found on the PRODUCT DATASHEETS page of SEACON’s website under the SEACON ADVANCED PRODUCTS, LLC – MUX heading.

  • SAPL-DS-0113 SBP Series FITA Rev 3


The SBP Series connector is a MUX cable termination that maintains a constant positive pressure inside its oil-filled chambers.  Positive pressure maintained via spring loaded pistons, deters water ingress from conductor interstices and other sources.  Inside the connector advanced conductor boot sealing technology assures functionality even if the SBP Series connector is water-flooded.  The SBP Series connector is field installable and testable.  Dual barrier seals are used throughout the connector. It is currently available in an electro-optical hybrid configuration designed for both single-mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) optical communications.


  • Overall length: 28.2″
  • Overall Diameter: 8″
  • Test port for mated connector condition
  • Operational Depth Rating: 5,300 psi (12,000 ft)
  • Modular cable terminations and Field Installable
  • (no compounds)
  • Dual Pressure Compensated Chambers
    • Rear Chamber: Up to approx. 60 psi
    • Front Chamber: Up to approx. 35 psi
  • Integral Cable Armor Termination