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SEACON Supports the ROV Industry with Solutions


Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) have been in operation for many years. The ROV has developed into large work class vehicles and dredgers, which support the installation and operation of subsea oil and gas fields, high specification inspection vehicles with high technological sensing and video and very small, portable inspection and surveillance vehicles. As ROV technology has evolved, SEACON has been the leader in providing connection solutions for all types of today’s ROV’s.

55 Series

In the early years, the SEACON 55 Series dominated the market and is still one of the leading connectors used on ROV’s today. Over the years, as the number of ROV suppliers has increased, SEACON has seen that many ROV manufacturers have differing requirements for connection solutions. The highly reliable and robust MINI-CON range provides small diameter, high density connectors with up to 203 contacts and pressure ratings of up to 20,000 psi (approx.. 45,000ft/13,700m) and gives flexibility with different contact sizes, suitable for varying power requirements of up to 50 amps (dependent on cable).


Other ROV applications have required wet pluggable connectors such as SEACON’s WET-CON and Micro WET-CON Series. In addition, SEACON has provided many alternative solutions within these two connector ranges to suit specific customer requirements including different material choices for the bulkhead connector such as stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. The WET-CON/Micro WET-CON series utilizes SEACON’s molding experience to the extreme and while standard pressure ratings are up to 20,000 psi (approx.  45,000ft/13,700m), optional pressure ratings are also available.


SEACON has always supported the ROV industry with connector solutions. In recent  years SEACON has seen the need to develop specialized solutions to meet specific customer needs which has resulted in new connector ranges being produced including the CS-MS and SEA-MATE series.

SEA-MATE range

In addition to the ROV manufacturers, SEACON has seen new requirements from both instrument and sensor companies as the specification and demands increase for the use of both Optical and Ethernet communications for High Definition systems.

MINI-CON fiber optics

Once again SEACON has supported these requests with a range of optical products, including the MINI-CON, CS-MS and OPTI-CON series of optical and hybrid connectors.The performance of these connectors is impressive, providing less than 0.5dB optical loss while still maintaining pressure ratings of up to 20,000 psi (approx.. 45,000ft/13,700m). While most of SEACON’s connectors are capable of transmitting  Cat 5 Ethernet communications, SEACON has developed Ethernet solutions in both the HUMMER and Micro WET-CON ranges for CAT 6 Ethernet applications.


In addition to the varied connector requirements that ROV manufacturers place on suppliers, SEACON has also seen various philosophies being adopted for cabling systems. As a result, SEACON provides the majority of its connector ranges with the option of molded to cable or oil filled hoses. While there is an option for cable or oil filled hose on the connection system, the connection from the ROV to the surface (tether or umbilical) remains cabled and SEACON’s experience extends by also being able to offer solutions for these highly critical connections.