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SEACON’s API Connector Series


API Connector SeriesAPI-Connector-Series

SEACON-DS-0107 API Connectors

As markets change SEACON has been able to adapt existing products to meet market needs.  The Metal Shell Series (MSS) has been one of the main product lines for SEACON, providing high contact density and a variety of power and signal configurations.

SEACON’s API Connector range is based on this highly successful connector series and complies to API-16D standards including API 16D (specification for Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment) and API 17E (specification for Subsea Umbilicals) standards.


  • Bulkhead connectors designed to be compliant with API 16D. Bulkhead also available with reverse pressure design
  • Cabled connectors and assemblies designed to be compliant with API 16D and API 17E
  • Open face pressure rating on bulkhead connectors
  • Redundant sealing at all pressure barrier interfaces
  • Test ports for infield testing between dual seals
  • Boot sealing in cabled connectors and assemblies in event of flooded cable conditions
  • Electrical, Optical and Hybrid connectors configurable in all 8 shell sizes
  • Pressure Testing Mated and Open-face at FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
  • Custom interfaces available


  • Blow Out Prevention Systems
  • Riser Monitor Systems
  • Drilling and Control Systems


  • Voltage Rating: 600VDC
  • Current Rating: Dependent on contact sizing
  • Test Pressure Mated and Open Face: 10,000 psi
  • Test Port: SAE 3/16″ (alternative sizes and designs available)


  • Shells: 316 SS
  • Engaging Nut: CA630 (or equivalent)
  • Insert Body: Glass Filled Epoxy
  • Contacts: Copper Alloy Gold Plated
  • ‘O’ Seals: Nitrile