SEACON » Blog » SEACON’s HYDRALIGHT connector is now available as an APC (Angle-Polished Convex) connector.

SEACON’s HYDRALIGHT connector is now available as an APC (Angle-Polished Convex) connector.



The HYDRALIGHT is a field proven, second generation underwater mateable, high integrity, fiber optic connector.  It is an 8 channel device that facilitates underwater connection of optical fibers.  The benefits of the HYDRALIGHT being available as an APC connector now means it has a lower return loss resulting in better performance.

APC (Angle Polished Convex) is also taken to mean Angled Physical Contact, but it still refers to the same method.  The major physical difference between APC and UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) connectors is the endface geometry.  The APC ferrule endface radius is polished at an 8° angle while UPC connectors are polished at a 0° angle. The significance of this 8° angle becomes apparent when addressing return loss issues.  The more significant performance characteristic between APC and UPC connectors is their return loss.  Return loss (RL) is a measurement of the light reflected back to the source at an optical interface.  APC connectors are superior to UPC connectors in this performance category because of their angle-polished endface geometry.  When light is reflected at the connector interface of a UPC connector, it is reflected straight back at the source, increasing the return loss value.  However, when the same signal passes through the APC connector, the 8° angle causes the reflected light to be absorbed by the cladding material.

For more information the datasheet for this (SAPL-DS-0009 HYDRALIGHT – APC) can be found on the PRODUCT DATASHEETS page of SEACON’s website under the SEACON ADVANCED PRODUCTS heading.