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SEACON’s Micro WET-CON Connector


The Micro WET-CON connector series was developed to provide all the features of SEACON’s ALL-WET connector series, but in a miniature, industry standard configuration. The small size offers the same flexibility and reliability as our rubber molded connectors, in a light-weight and user friendly model.

The Micro WET-CON series allows for smaller through ports in a pressure vessel and a greater density of conductors in a compact area. The smaller cables decrease the overall weight and drag of an ROV or other vessel. This connector range is wet-mateable and therefore enables connections to be made underwater, on-deck or in any weather condition.


The Micro WET-CON series is a stocked item, which ensures quick delivery (in reasonable quantities) of standard configurations. Custom cable lengths are available upon request. Shorting plugs are available should you require the ability of looping together ‘like’ circuits for testing purposes within the dummy. Pin to pin shorting details need to be supplied at time of order placement.

Possible applications include: underwater television and lights, diver communications, ROV systems, submersibles, towed-array cable systems, current meters, animal migration research and food processing equipment.