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SEACON’s Micro WET-CON Split Connector


SEACON has added a range of split connectors to its popular Micro WET-CON wet-mate series. This series of connectors was originally developed to provide all the features of the ALL-WET connector range, but in a miniature industry standard configuration. The split connector range prevents costly ‘Y’ assemblies and allows ease of replacement of break-outs by the customer. This smaller connector series offers the same flexibility and reliability as SEACON’s standard rubber molded connectors, in a lightweight and user-friendly model.

Micro WET-CON Split

The Micro WET-CON Split series is currently available in six different configurations ranging from 6 to 16 contacts rated upto 600 VDC (dependent on cable) with a mated pressure rating of 10,000 psi.

Applications include underwater television and lights, diver communications, ROV systems, submersibles, towed-array cable systems, current meters, animal migration research and food processing equipment.