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Subsea and Underwater Switches


SEACON Advanced Products, LLC manufacture a full line of hermetically sealed limit subsea, underwater, proximity switches, potentiometers and magnetic couplings. In addition to this SEACON is able to offer a range of plastic switches and has also developed a proximity switch utilizing its connector technology.

SEACON has engineered a versatile range of Subsea and Underwater Switches. We supply switches in a variety of configurations and materials to match job specifications. Subsea switches can be supplied in varying load levels up to 7 amps.

Delivering a successful subsea switch means providing the ability to function in extreme marine and subsea conditions. SEACON Advanced Products, LLC has created a range of subsea switches which have performed on ROV’s / AUV’s , sub sea surveillance and seismic equipment across the globe.

As you would expect from SEACON Advanced Products, LLC our subsea switches have an added dimension. Through extensive R&D and feed back from our clients, who use our sub sea switches in the field, we increased the flexibility and ease of use of our modular proximity switches by integrating the wet mateable Micro WET-CON connector.

SEACON subsea and underwater switches are used in a wide range of industries and environments. All switches are qualified for successful deployment on Submarines, ROV’s, AUV’s, UUV’s, hulls, submersibles of all types, buoys, underwater communication systems, surveillance devices, oceanographic equipment, on deck and wherever equipment is exposed to severe marine and other hostile environments.  These switches are also used in oil well logging, well head controls, dredging, fishery gates, and underwater Christmas Trees.

The SEACON Group has an extensive and comprehensive agency network able to supply our full range of products which covers every continent or area across the globe. To find a representative in your area please contact our sales department or refer to our catalogue.