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SEACON Advanced Products, LLC New Datasheets


SEACON Advanced Products, LLC have new and updated datasheets available, below is a summary of each with  PDF downloads available…


SEACON field service technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your on-site service needs. Technicians are always prepared for emergencies and can be working in Houston within a few hours, Singapore within 30 hours, and Australia within 48 hours. These individuals are highly skilled in providing installation assistance, making field repairs and performing routine, scheduled maintenance on your connection and cable termination equipment. They also provide technical support along with these services.

Installation – SEACON personnel conduct global equipment installation and provide training for your operations personnel as required. This may be conducted at a SEACON factory or on-site as required.

Maintenance – Preventative maintenance services help minimize wear and damage to extend the useful life of your equipment.

Repair – Whenever possible, SEACON technicians perform troubleshooting diagnostics and make repairs on-site.

Support – Experts in quality assurance, quality control, product engineering, field installation and preventable maintenance procedures can be provided on a project or contract basis.

After Market Field Service

After Market Field Service



A Fiber Optic Cable Abandonment Termination provides a secure waterproof and depth-proof seal of a cable for longterm abandonment underwater. These terminations can be pulled up at a later date for use as spare cables for contingency or future expansion. They are simple designs and able to be installed quickly at the cable yard, system integrator yard or on the installation vessel with ease.

Fiber Optic Cable Abandonment Termination

Fiber Optic Cable Abandonment Termination



In underwater operations, optical fiber connections provide the communications path between underwater equipment, facilitate inter-connection of expansion and allow in-situ diagnostics. They require specifically designed underwater connectors capable of repeated connection and disconnection at ocean depths where this equipment is located.

Optical fiber is fragile and requires proper handling and protection from deployment and the effects of temperature and pressure in underwater environments. Flexible oil-filled hose conduits allow the installation and feed-through of optical fibers between underwater connectors whilst protecting them within the oil-filled conduit. Optical fibers can be individual, bundles and/or ribbons. The hose conduit, by design, is flexible to accommodate handling on the surface and underwater by divers or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), or Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s). This flexibility allows the hose to be stored, installed, coiled or uncoiled.

Additionally, the optical fibers require protection from the forces associated with the handling and operation of underwater connectors and consequent movement of the hose conduit, combined with exposure to extreme environmental conditions. This requires special management of the optical fibers within the hose.

Optical Fiber Management Systems

Optical Fiber Management System



Subsea jumper assemblies and distribution harnesses are provided by SEACON for use with SEACON subsea connectors. Many subsea optical cable and connection systems utilize Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) cabling solutions. These cables utilize an elastomeric tube as a conduit for fiber optic lines. The elastomeric conduit is filled with a compensating fluid, allowing the sea pressure to freely communicate with the interior oil volume, equalizing the pressure in the assembly. This option for cabling provides for a reliable and configurable cable system suitable for many subsea applications. This technology has been widely utilized in ocean science observatories, towed arrays, drilling systems, production control systems and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems to name a few. They have become a critical component in many subsea systems today and SEACON is pleased to offer this solution with its Subsea fiber optic connectors. Splice-less Optical Jumpers offer the advantage of eliminating the need to have an optical splice box in the jumper systems.

Splice-Less Optical Jumper

Pressure Balanced Oil-Fiilled (PBOF) Splice-less Optical Jumpers



The Portable Oil-Fill Station is the evolution of the stationary oil-fill units used at in-house facilities to provide HYDRALIGHT connectors with clean, filtered oil. Cleanliness within the HYDRALIGHT connectors is paramount as it will aid in a higher level of performance and maintain longevity of field use. The Portable Oil-Fill Station has a 3 micron filter to remove the tiniest particle within the mineral oil, thus removing the maximum amount of contamination possible. The interchangeable fill & vent connectors, currently supplied with this unit, easily mate to both genders of the HYDRALIGHT connector series and alleviate trapped air bubbles. The external vacuum pump assists the internal pump of the particle counter to move the oil through the system at an adjustable pace while remaining external to avoid potential contamination. The particle counter is very simple to use; with a digital read out to display the NAS class of the oil, the CAT 5 cable that comes with the counter can be plugged into most computers to log the data. Long test leads allow for work station setup up to 12 feet away from the unit. The Portable Oil-Fill Station is the ideal unit in-house or in the field for proper connector filling for subsea pressure compensation.

Portable Oil-Fill Station

Portable Oil-Fill Station



The HYBRALIGHT is a combination of 2nd and 3rd generation underwater mateable technologies; the successful HYDRALIGHT APC optical connectors combined with the CM2000 electrical connectors. The significant advantage of this hybrid design is that it uses the existing and field proven optical elements without compromizing their design or integrity by adding the 2mm CM2000 contacts (rated at 1kVAC pin-to-shell and 10 amps) to the outside of the HYDRALIGHT body. The connector body selected is the next generation 48-channel APC HYDRALIGHT, as we move forward into Angle Polished Contact (APC) technology with our wet-mate connectors.


HYBRALIGHT 6 To 48 Channel APC Optical & 1 To 4 Channel 1kVAC Electrical Underwater Mateable Connector



The in-line, fiber optic, field splice and armor termination is a Field Installable & Testable Assembly (FITA) design that allows two armored fiber optic cables to be spliced together in the field. The cables are prepared and the kits are assembled together in the field with final integrity testing via pressure ports. These designs are qualified and operational underwater with 24 optical fibers, using low-loss, high reliability splicing and a 4,500 lb. (2,040kg) tension load armor termination. It can be adapted for different cables, quantity of fibers and armor termination requirements.

In-Line-Fiber Optic Field Splice Armor Termination

In-Line Fiber Optic, Field Splice & Armor Termination