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SEACON Advanced Products, LLC. New Subsea Jumper Building


SEACON Advanced Products, LLC. New Subsea Jumper Building News Bulletin 

As SEACON continues to expand its capabilities into the ever growing subsea distribution market, so too does the investment in our manufacturing facilities and equipment in order to support this growth. SEACON Advanced Products, LLC., (SAPL) of Bellville, Texas, USA has been undergoing an expansion program since March of this year which includes a new 8,550 square foot (285 foot long) Subsea Jumper building which is now fully complete and operational and houses a new pressure vessel 9ft 2 inches deep with a 30 inch inner diameter, certified to 10,000 psi/689 bar which will increase jumper capacity and shorten lead times.


With primary focus around our own highly successful and reliable underwater mateable optical and electrical connectors and our qualified Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) hose conduit, SEACON has built up a suite of products to provide customers with complete optical and electrical distribution system solutions. In addition to our own product baseline, SEACON is also able to integrate third party products into distribution system assemblies.


One of the key technologies within SEACON’s distribution systems is the Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) hose conduit with MKII hose fitting. This elastomeric (rubber) conduit provides not only protection for the electrical fiber optic lines within a compensating fluid, but allows the sea pressure to freely communicate with the interior oil volume, equalizing the pressure in the assembly. The stresses and strains encountered during ROV operations are controlled via longitudinal strength members that not only provide the strength, but also limit the elongation of the hose.



The key elements in both optical and electrical distribution systems are:

· Jumper Assemblies – Hose conduit with optical or electrical connectors at either end

· Distribution Harnesses – These can have multiple ‘legs’ with either connectors or sensors terminated to the end of each leg

· Umbilical Termination Assemblies – These provide the interface between either the optical or electrical element of the umbilical and the wet-mate connector(s)

· Cable Hang-Offs – These are specially designed cable strength member terminations that provide support for the individual cable elements at the top side of some umbilical cables

· Abandonment Caps or Connectors – Where the top side of an umbilical needs to be abandoned subsea for a period, these provide a watertight protection from flooding of the umbilical cable


There are many design features that make these products successful including:

Jumper Assemblies/Distribution Harnesses

· Integral fiber management system within the hose to mitigate excessive movement or forces applied directly to the internal fibers

· Integral cable management for Ethernet cabling within the hose to mitigate excessive movement or forces applied directly to the small wire terminations

Umbilical Termination Assemblies

· Proven and testable penetrators between 1 atmosphere and pressure compensated chambers


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