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SEACON Advanced Products, LLC and SEA CON Dry-Mate Fiber Optic Production Relocates



SEACON Advanced Products, LLC and SEACON Brantner & Associates Dry-Mate Fiber-Optic Production have relocated from El Cajon, California and opened a new joint facility in beautiful Bellville, Texas.

For any wet-mate fiber-optic and hybrid connectors, dry-mate fiber optic and hybrid connectors, optical and hybrid penetrators and electrical wet-mate (CM2000) connectors, please update your records with our current contact information (overleaf), and give us a call any time we can be of service!


SEACON Advanced Products was a division operating within SEACON Brantner & Associates for over 5 years. It was started primarily to cater for the introduction of the HydraStar optical wet-mate connector and the CM2000 electrical wet-mate connector. Over the years the division grew significantly and in 2004 it was decided to spin it off as a separate company, SEACON Advanced Products LLC (SAPL). During this time, the use of optical fiber and development of optical fiber related products started to become it’s core business and SAPL worked very closely with the SEACON Fiber Optic Department.

With the purchase of the facilities in Bellville, Texas, it was decided to merge the two divisions and make Bellville the Center-of-Excellence for all SEACON Fiber Optic Production in the US. This move was made in December 2005 and we are fully commissioned and up to full speed with connector production.


The location in Bellville required a significant reliance on local recruitment, particularly the technicians for the fiber-optic laboratory. However several key Brantner staff have transferred over to Bellville, and others continue to commute, to assist in the training and certification of new staff as required. The involvement from Brantner will remain permanently available, to exploit the benefits of it’s vast experience. All of our current Engineering and Development personnel have remained the same, but we will expand through Bellville as we grow.

Fiber Optic Laboratory

A brand new and dedicated Fiber Optic Laboratory has been built and commissioned in Bellville. All specialist fiber-optic and electrical manufacturing and test equipment is included and has been commissioned.


In addition to mainstream production, the laboratory has a significant amount of experience and capabilities, examples are:

  • Electrical Performance – Insulation Resistance, Contact Resistance, HiPot & TDR
  • Optical Performance – Optical Attenuation, Back-Reflection, Cross-Talk, OTDR, Interferometer, Visual Fault Finder, Single-Mode, Multi-Mode
  • Seal Testing – Helium, Nitrogen, Pressure, Vacuum
  • Pressure Testing (through SEACON Brantner) – 20,000psi, Mated & Open Face, Wet-Mate, Pressure Cycling, Misalignment
  • Temperature Testing – Low & High Temperature, Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock
  • Mechanical – Vibration, Mechanical Shock, Misalignment Tests (linear, rotational, angular and radial), Locking Device, Mating Forces, ROV Force, Pull Tests, Bending Tests, Mate/De-Mate Speed Tests, Optical Fiber Pull Tests
  • Turbid Tank – Sand & Silt, Wet-Mate, Pressure, Cold-Water, Partial Mate
  • Long-Term Testing – Pressure Testing, Compatibility, Flooded Connector
  • Accelerated Lifetime Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Bonding Testing – Cross-Section Analysis, Adhesion Bonding
  • Cleaning / Assembly Equipment – Circulating and Filtered Ultrasound, Washing Equipment, Portable Optical Comparator Cleanliness Kit, In-Line Particle Counter, Compensation Oil-Clean-Up, Filtering and Verification System
  • Close Relationships with External Test Houses – Tensile Strength, Tensile Failure, Explosive (UNDEX), MIL Testing, HERO/EMI, Specialized Pressure Testing