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SEACON Advanced Products, LLC was formed by the Group in 1999 to focus directly on the Lockheed Martin® designed HYDRASTAR and CM2000 high integrity underwater mateable connectors. In 2005 SEACON Advanced Products, LLC moved to new facilities in Texas and continue to develop state-of-the-art products, including underwater mateable fiber optic connectors such as the HydraLight  and the recently developed G3, together with a vast range of optical and hybrid dry-mate connectors. In addition to the underwater mateable optical connectors, SEACON Advanced Products, LLC continue to design and manufacture the CM2000 underwater mateable electrical connector along with a range of single & multiple channel optical fiber and hybrid penetrators and field installable umbilical terminations. SEACON Advanced Products, LLC provides full service and support for it’s optical and electrical underwater mateable connectors as well as consultancy services and is committed to working closely with customers to determine the appropriate optical and electrical connection system.

SEACON Advanced Products, LLC is pleased to offer customers a dedicated team of personnel to assist with technical queries.  Please contact at

SEACON Advanced Products, LLC operate a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration


• HydraLight
• 8-Way
• 48-Way
• G3
• CM2000
• Optical penetrators
• Field installable products
• Underwater switches
• High pressure high temperature electrical and optical downhole connectors
• Multiway optical splice boxes
• PBOF junction boxes
• PBOF harness assembly
• Customized connectors
• Specialized cable terminations
• Experienced with many moldings materials including neoprene and polyurethane among others
• Optical electrical jumpers and harnesses
• Spliceless optical jumper systems
• Umbilical connectors and cable terminations
• Drill ship MUX connector systems
• Installation, maintenance and repair of jumper systems and connectors
• In-house pressure test facility
• ITAR compliant manufacturing
• Global field service and support team providing 24/7 callout services
• Over 15 years of service
• Design / Manufacture / Sales/Project Management / Field Service


SEACON Advanced Products, LLC
1321 Nelius Road,
Post Office Box 767,
Bellville, TX 77418, USA.

TEL: +1 (979) 865-8846
FAX: +1 (979) 865-8859



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