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SEACON (europe) Ltd 75 Ohm Coax Connector Improvements


75 ohm coax glass sealedSEACON (europe) Ltd’s 75 ohm coax connector now has glass sealed inserts.  Previously these were PEEK inserts that required potting and water blocking procedures in order to get them to hold a small open-face pressure. SEACON (europe) Ltd were requested to produce an open-face requirement of 5,400 psi and therefore changed the insert to a glass sealed version in order to accomplish this. The FCR (Flange Connector Receptacle) glass to metal sealed insert has been open-face pressure tested to 8,400 psi.

SEACON (europe) Ltd are now looking at glass sealing the CCP (Cable Connector Plug) side so that this can be offered as an oil filled assembly.

To view the up-dated 75 Ohm Coax Connector datasheet (SCE-DS-0013) at Rev 5, please go to the PRODUCT DATASHEETS section of SEACON’s website and to the SEACON (europe) Ltd heading.