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First Showing of SEACON’s Eexd Connector Development


Constant evolution and the advancement of our industry has led to many new requirements and challenges for the SEACON Group.

OTC also saw the first showing of another of SEACON ‘s latest developments. The Eexd (European Explosion and Flameproof) underwater mateable, high power connector for Zone 1 (Gas) environments was developed for a prestigious offshore customer for installation onto a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel located off Northern Canada. This region of Canada forms part of Alaska and is prone to very large icebergs that can prove hazardous to the FPSO vessel.

This new connector utilizes SEACON (europe)’s standard field installable glanding arrangement and is based around our well proven U-Mate series connector technology. Designed to be terminated onto the main power umbilical to the subsea wells via the Quick Connect Disconnect (QCDC) plate, this connector has the ability to protect against the internal pressure emanating from within the umbilical. In the event of an emergency, the main umbilical to the FPSO would be disconnected allowing the FPSO to move away from any potential danger of a collision.

SEACON ‘s Eexd connector is Atex certified and has been approved by the CSA (Canadian Standards Authority) for use on this specific project.

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