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Spring 2009

New G3 Optical Wet – Mate Connector

As organizations in the subsea industry develop more applications with fiber optic technology in mind, there has been a dramatic increase in the quantity and complexity of connector configurations needed to fit these applications. In order to meet the changing requirements of customers, the SEA CON® Group has developed a comprehensive and extensive range of fiber optic products which are designed and manufactured to meet the specific and varied environmental conditions imposed on connectors today. One of SEA CON®’s latest fiber optic developments is the G3 optical wet-mate connector. Manufactured by SEA CON® Advanced Products, LLC in Bellville, Texas, this new, third generation connector utilizes existing HydraLight technology and is available in 6 channels with either single – mode or multi-mode optical fibers. The G3 offers low profile optical connectivity combined with simplicity of operation and is ideally suited for tight interfaces requiring low loss optical performance. This connector can incorporate flat or angle polished contacts making it ideal for either signal communication systems or optical measurement and sensing systems such as tubing hanger connections, tree connections, riser monitoring systems and life of field seismic systems (LoFS).

  • Very small form factor, with low loss optical performance
  • Matched pairs not required
  • Internally pressure compensated
  • Elastomers suited for harsh chemical environments
  • Few internal moving parts
  • Maximum operating pressure 15,000 psi
  • 6 channels
  • Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel,
  • Titanium or other customer specific materials
  • Optical Fiber: Single and Multi-mode
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Patented “Joined Chamber” concept
  • Suitable for ROV, Diver, or Stab Plate operation

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New CS-MS Dry – Mate Connector Series

The SEA CON® Group is pleased to introduce a new range of underwater electrical dry-mate connectors. Originally developed in conjunction with C.R. Encapsulation to meet the needs of ROV manufacturers and their equipment suppliers, the CS-MS series offers a standard aluminum shell with dual o’rings and is designed to accommodate a standard oil-filled hose. Currently available in 2 shell sizes with 3 to 10 contact configurations as well as a single channel fiber optic version, this high specification and high integrity connector fits industry standard bulkhead interfaces and is available in alternative materials including Stainless Steel and Titanium and can be molded to many standard cables. Pressure rated to 10,000 psi, this new series is also suitable for a variety of other applications including underwater cameras and lights, diver communications, recreational submersibles, towed array cable systems, current meters, animal migration research and food processing equipment.
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New SEA-MATE Wet-Mate ROV Connector

SEA CON® (europe) Ltd is pleased to announce a new addition to it’s popular SEA-MATE underwater electrical wetmate connector range. Adapted from the standard diver mated screwed coupling version, the SEA-MATE ROV connector was primarily developed for an oceanographic subsea monitoring system which had to be modular to allow for easy installation and reconfiguration. The new connector’s key requirements were that it had to be low cost with wet-mate ability to a depth of 13,500 psi (9,250m) without using costly fluid filled pressure compensated connector options. The new SEA-MATE ROV series fills the gap between low cost rubber molded connectors and high integrity oil-filled pressure compensated connectors. The technology adapted and enhanced in this new connector comes from the well proven WETCON/ALL-WET industry standard connectors that have been manufactured by SEA CON® for several decades. The SEA-MATE ROV is ideally suited for systems that do not require high numbers of mate and de-mate cycles and those that allow the socket portion of the connector to be recovered for maintenance every 5 to 10 mate and breaks (it is recommended a full sealing cap is utilized during this process to protect the pins from damage). Having successfully completed and passed third party customer testing, new contact configurations are due to be added shortly in order to expand and enhance the range.
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Smaller ALL-WET Minature Hermaphroditic Bulkhead Connector Now Available

SEA CON® Global Production is pleased to offer a new smaller version of our ALLWET miniature hermaphroditic bulkhead connector. Originally developed for a university project, this new, smaller MAW connector is available in a variety of materials including Titanium and has a pressure rating of up to 10,000 psi. This new product also offers the same functions and specifications as our current version and is compatible with existing mating parts. A size comparison of the existing and new smaller version is shown below:

  • Overall length:      2.01 inches (Current Version)           1.77 inches (New Version)
  • Thread size:         1/2-20 (Current Version)                    3/8-24 (New Version)
  • Outside diameter: 1.00 inches (Current Version)           0.50 inches (New Version)

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New Rubber Molded Connector

SEA CON® Global Production has developed a RMG-3-BCL connector to protect against Cathodic Delamination issues. Previously rubber molded inserts were manufactured by bonding the rubber connector body to the metal bulkhead shell. This new development uses a GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) insert which is sealed into the shell via an internal o’ring. This insert can then be overmolded in a variety of materials including Neoprene, Hypalon and Polyurethane to form the connector sealing interface.
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Ethernet Connector Update

With ever increasing inquiries for connectors to be used for Ethernet applications, SEA CON® (europe) Ltd is pleased to announce the successful development of a 4 way version of the SEAMATE wet-mate connector which under test performed perfectly at 100mbits Ethernet speed at 10,000 psi. This system has been incorporated into the right angle SEA-MATE ROV assembly (see SEA-MATE ROV Connector Development  in this newsletter) which was then successfully tested to 13,500 psi.
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