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Successful Delivery to Ormen Lange Project


SEACON has delivered it’s final shipment of its highly successful and field proved HydraLight connectors to FMC Technologies for the first stage of the Ormen Lange field.

This shipment was the last of over 150 connectors supplied for this project and is continuing testament to the success of the HYDRALIGHT connector. Ormen Lange is the largest gas field under development in the Norwegian continental shelf and is located 100km off the northwest coast of Norway at a water depth of up to 1100m. The HYDRALIGHT is a multi channel (up to 8 channel) fully underwater mateable, pressure balanced optical connector, qualified to 7000m, with an average single mode insertion loss of less than 0.3dB and a average single mode back reflection of -50dB. It’s proven reliable design is suitable for these harsh operating environments and meets the following specification;

  • Norsk Hydro NHT-152-00073 Rev 04H
  • Statoil RA-SNØ-00182 Rev 01
  • Elf Exploration A0-32-2-011-LT-00-SN-005 Rev C

In addition to this, SEACON has recently been awarded a contract for the supply of HydraLight connectors for the Tyrihans project. The Tyrihans oil and gas field is located approximately 25 miles (40km) south of Asgard in roughly 935 feet (285m) of water. The field will be tied back to the Kristin platform where the gas and oil will be processed.