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The CM2000 – High Integrity, Wet-Mate Electrical Connector…


CM2000 image

Key Features

  • Simple & unique design features combining superior electrical isolation ensuring high connector reliability
  • Over 3,109 units sold already, 187 million accumulated operating hours & MTBF of better than 40 million hours
  • Individual modular pin & socket contacts
  • Oil-filled & pressure balanced socket contacts
  • No single point failures
  • Redundant; O-rings, seals, bladder closures
  • Industry standard interfaces
  • Voltage ratings up to 3,300 VAC
  • Up to 100 amps / 250 amps 3.3kVAC versions
  • Typical uses are production control, drilling control, ROV, AUV systems, communications & power, renewable energy


CM2000 Diagram


For more information on the CM2000 connector please click below…

CM2000 Datasheet